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Tungsten ballast, putty, 10g -SP25-

Tungsten ballast, putty, 10g -SP25-
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Item code: 7661
Type 2: 10 Gr
Free field 1: SP25
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Until now, lead was the material commonly used to weigh and balance the slot models. The toxicity of this metal is now out of the question, the dose considered critical having been significantly lowered, especially for children. It's a substance, in short, that is really really bad for your health.

So, how to replace lead?
Plutonium and uranium, with their very high specific gravity, would be ideal:) but are a bit dangerous and hard to find. Gold would be perfect: dense, non-toxic, if it only wasn't so expensive.

The Tungsten Ballast is at the same time non-toxic, heavy as uranium, and not as dear as gold.

Putty ballast, in polymer+tungsten, shapes easily, 10g each

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