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Right of Withdrawl

The right of withdrawl safeguards the purchaser at a distance offering the opportunity to reconsider their purchase within 10 days upon receival of the merchandise. The product however, must be returned to the sender in the exact identical conditions in which it was sent, without manipulation of any kind to either the product or packaging.

In the case that a product should have any defects within these 10 days the warranty and NOT the Right of Withdrawl is then applied.
If the private client (This excludes therefore possessors of a VAT number) should discover that a new product has a different function not previously indicated on the website or if the product has different characteristics other that those indicated by us or if you are simply not satisfied with your purchase, in these cases you may exercise your Right of Withdrawl by contacting us directly via e mail followed by a letter by registered mail with a receipt of return.
Only after having contacted and recieveing our authorisation, is it possible to send us the merchandise you intend to return by registered post.
The mailing costs will be at the expense of the buyer. When the merchandise has been delivered and after it has been inspected for integrity, we will issue a credit note and the refund invoice excluding mailing costs which will be accounted for as additional costs.
The refund will be issued by a bank transfer.
Products purchased directly at our central location will not be able to use their Right of Withdrawl as it is strictly reserved for our on line clients only.

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