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Anglewinder Z32, pinion Z12, large hubs -SIKK09B-

Anglewinder Z32, pinion Z12, large hubs -SIKK09B-
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Item code: 2055
Type 2: 1 Pz + Accessori
Free field 1: SIKK09C
Availability: Available


Starter Kit 09 - Anglewinder Z32, Pinion Z12, large hubs
New product / replacement: replaces KK09
Difference from replaced item: replaces old crown with lightened unit
This revision of KK09b is fitted with the lightened ergal crown (color: black)
Pack includes:
1 Pinion Z12, 6.5 mm diameter
4 Grub screws L3
1 Lightened ergal crown anglewinder Z32
1 Axle 54 mm long
2 Bronze bushings
1 Stopper
2 Aluminum wheels 17x10 with "BBS" GT inserts


Assale :Posteriore
Tipo trasmissione:Anglewinder
Materiale assale :Acciaio temperato rettificato
Bronzine :Bronzo
Numero denti corona:32
Diametro assale:2.38mm (3/32)
Cerchioni:In alluminio con grano di fissaggio


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